About us

Love Windermere is a partnership made up of nine organisations drawn from a wide range of sectors.

We are united by a desire to ensure the Lake and surrounding environment live up to its UNESCO World Heritage site status.

Nick and Sharon Blake, volunteers who support the Big Windermere Survey which was launched jointly by the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) and Lancaster University.
Citizen scientists are trained to collect water samples from approximately 100 different locations on Windermere and in the rivers and lakes that flow into it. The samples are analysed for nutrient and bacterial concentrations at independent laboratories, producing the largest, one-day snapshot of conditions in Windermere.
Nick and Sharon explain more about why they take part in the Big Windermere Survey.

We all have a part to play in making the partnership robust and able to make a difference.

As well as our core partners we are working with other key stakeholders to form the widest possible body of knowledge and experience.

The partnership will use our collective expertise to identify and tackle gaps in our knowledge about the impact on Windermere’s water quality.

By taking a scientific and evidence-based approach, we will better understand the complex and interdependent pressures facing Windermere and prioritise effective solutions to improve the condition of the lake.

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