All four Windermere bathing waters rated ‘excellent’

All four official bathing waters on Windermere have been classified as ‘excellent’ in this year’s bathing waters classifications, released by Defra.

Andy Brown Environment, Planning & Engagement Manager, Cumbria & Lancashire
1st December 2023

The results are based on samples taken from each of the four sites, Fellfoot, Lakeside WMCA, Millerground Landing and Rayrigg, throughout the bathing waters season which runs from May to September.

During that time, the Environment Agency takes a minimum of 20 samples from each site. Each sample is assessed against strict standards set by the World Health Organisation, with overall classifications based on samples taken over the past four years.

The Environment Agency is one of ten organisations who have come together to create the Love Windermere partnership. The partnership aims to deliver a range of initiatives to drive improvements in water quality in the lake to help secure its future for generations to come.

Speaking about the results, Andy Brown Environment, Planning & Engagement Manager, Cumbria & Lancashire said:

“We are really pleased that once again all four bathing waters in this iconic lake have been assessed as ‘excellent’.

“Along with being a fantastic tourist destination, Windermere is vital for the local economy and we are committed to doing everything possible to make sure that water quality in the lake continues to improve.

“Whilst the results are Excellent, more needs to be done, especially given the impacts that climate change is having.

“Along with members of the Love Water Partnership, everyone living or working in the Windermere catchment, or visiting as a tourist, has a part to play in this, from making sure that their wastewater pipes are connected properly, maintaining sceptic tanks and cleaning up after their dog.”

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