Alison Whalley

Windermere and the surrounding catchment are a complex system of interconnected inputs and influences. It’s sensitive to nutrient enrichment and affected by challenges including climate change and dramatic fluctuation in seasonal populations, requiring further action to improve its health.

Representatives from the Love Windermere Partnership were privileged to be invited to Glasgow on 11th and 12th October to present at the UK & Ireland Lakes Network (UKLIN) Conference 2023. UKLIN is a charitable trust that brings together people and organisations working to improve the management of Lakes, Lochs and Wetlands through a whole catchment approach. This year’s conference shared experience and expertise from across the UK and beyond on the topic of Urgency, Innovation and Collaboration. We focussed on sharing the opportunities and actions we are developing such as (National Parks UK and Santander UK announce expansion of partnership for nature restoration | Santander UK) and challenges that Windermere is facing due to human and climatic pressures.

The opportunity to learn and share in a supportive international forum enabled us to strengthen our networks and learn from other inspiring initiatives. Examples from the day included hearing about the international research and action being undertaken by the Global Nature Fund (GNF – Living Lakes Network ( together with the importance of working together to ensure opportunities are maximised through collaboration with a range of partners. The Seven Lochs Partnership hosted the event and we visited areas around Glasgow that are developing initiatives to ensure the water environment is improved whilst balancing the needs of people and nature to ensure society and the economy benefit. (Seven Lochs Wetland Park). We also heard about the challenges of Lough Neagh Home – Lough Neagh Partnership and the work the partnership is developing to help deliver positive change.

Throughout all presentations and discussions over the two days it was clear that significantly, no one organisation can address the challenges that lakes, lochs and wetlands face alone, and partnership working is key to addressing long-term change.

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