Latest Big Windermere Survey results released

A major citizen science project has shown elevated phosphorus and bacteria levels at locations around Windermere and its catchment this summer.

1st November 2022

The findings are among newly published results from the fifth Big Windermere Survey, conducted in August 2023. This marked the start of the second year of the programme, led by scientists at Lancaster University and the Freshwater Biological Association, which is designed to investigate water quality in Windermere, England’s largest natural lake.

“The volunteers who give their time to take part in the Big Windermere Survey perform a valuable role,” Andy Brown, the chair of the Love Windermere Partnership, said: “It is important to realise that this data is just part of the jigsaw as it reflects a moment in time shortly after high rainfall totals when we would expect more pollution to be present. Continuous, real-time monitoring, combined with historical data going back decades, helps identify where action is needed.”

He added: “Businesses, residents and tourists all have a part to play in improving water quality in Windermere. By working together, the Love Windermere partnership is determined to balance the needs of people, the economy and the environment whilst driving the change necessary to improve this iconic lake for generations to come.”

All the results can be seen here: The Big Windermere Survey – August 2023 — Freshwater Biological Association (