Volunteers support summer Big Windermere Survey

Over 100 volunteer ‘citizen scientists’ have helped gather samples from around Windermere.

15th August 2023

The Big Windermere Survey, an initiative designed by scientists at Lancaster University and the Freshwater Biological Association, saw 110 people help build the latest one-day snap shot of water quality in the lake and its tributaries.

The samples taken by volunteers on Sunday will be analysed independently by scientists at Lancaster University to provide precise and accurate data, which will help inform decision-making and action to improve water quality in the catchment.

The aim of the project is to build up a comprehensive and geographically wide-spread picture of water quality in and around Windermere, and how it varies throughout the year.

Results from previous surveys can be found at: https://www.fba.org.uk/volunteer/the-big-windermere-survey

Love Windermere Partnership Partners: Environment Agency; Freshwater Biological Association; Lake District Foundation; Lake District National Park Authority; National Farmers Union; National Trust; South Cumbria Rivers Trust; South Lakeland District Council; United Utilities.