The Big Windermere Survey – November 2023

The results from the Big Windermere Survey Autumn 2023 are now in

River bank photo-shoot
14th March 2024

The results from the Big Windermere Survey Autumn 2023 are now in and we wanted to acknowledge its contribution in helping to build up an accurate picture of the health of the lake. In particular we wanted to recognise the work of all the many volunteers who freely give of their time to take part. The Big Windermere Survey continues to perform a valuable role, and we welcome that the FBA can continue this thanks to the support of Westmorland and Furness Council.

The results from this latest survey are largely consistent with the last survey earlier in 2023, and it’s interesting that the data / analysis relating to Cunsey Beck aligns closely with the monitoring and analysis carried out by members of the Love Windermere partnership.

Intense snapshot monitoring like this, is an effective addition to other monitoring such as continuous, real-time monitoring, combined with historical data going back decades, which helps to identify where action is needed.

Businesses, residents, and tourists all have a part to play in improving water quality in Windermere. By working together, the Love Windermere partnership is determined to balance the needs of people, the economy and the environment whilst driving the change necessary to improve this iconic lake for generations to come.

The summary of the Big Windermere Survey Autumn 2023 sampling have now been analysed and are available to view here: Big Windermere Survey, November 2023 results — Freshwater Biological Association (