Great North Swim success

Windermere has hosted the Great North Swim since 2008
8th August 2023

The Great North Swim is the UK’s biggest open-water swimming event – a weekend-long celebration of open water swimming in Windermere. 

More than 5,000 swimmers of all ages and abilities took part in 2023. Every year since 2008 Windermere has seen thousands of swimmers take to the lake to challenge their swimming abilities across a range of lengths – from 250 metres to 10,000km! From Olympic swimmers to locals who fancy a challenge The Great North Swim has helped to inspire many to try open water swimming.

Hosted at Brockhole Visitor Centre the event is accessible with great links to local buses and public transport. Not only is the event a great day out but with activities and a café on site Brockhole makes The Great North Swim fun for all the family.

To read a blog about the event written by Mataya Jones of the Lake District National Park Authority click here

When taking to the water the most important thing to remember is to be safe. Many people have been inspired by The Great North Swim and there has been a rise in open water swimmers over the past few years and water safety is essential.

Top 10 wild swimming tips:

  1. Do not swim alone
  2. Always use a bright tow float and cap for visibility
  3. Enter the water slowly and get used to it
  4. Check the depth of the waterbed by walking in carefully
  5. Work out where you will exit the water safely
  6. Don’t be tempted to stay in too long
  7. Wear a wetsuit, if possible, to keep you warmer and more buoyant
  8. Swim along the shoreline so you can easily get out when you need to
  9. Have lots of layers, a hat, and a warm drink for when you get out, even in summer
  10. Never drink alcohol and swim

If the Great North Swim has inspired you then why not read more about water safety tips here.

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