Volunteers thanked for Big Windermere Survey

Love Windermere Event at Jetty Museum Saturday 23rd September 2023
25th September 2023

Citizen scientists – volunteers who have played a vital role in collecting samples to provide a snapshot of the health of Windermere – have been thanked for their efforts.

The Freshwater Biological Association held a thank you event at the Windermere Jetty Museum overlooking the lake to explain how what is believed to be the single biggest campaign of its kind has worked.

2,500 samples have been taken by 300 volunteers who collectively have offered over 1,000 hours of time. 600 litres of water from Windermere have been taken for sampling.

Dr Ben Surridge from Lancaster University explaining how samples are helping provide more information on the health of the lake.

Launched jointly by the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) and Lancaster University, the Big Windermere Survey recruited volunteer citizen scientists to help assess the environmental health of Windermere.

Volunteers are trained to collect water samples from approximately 100 different locations on Windermere and in the rivers and lakes that flow into it. The samples are analysed for nutrient and bacterial concentrations at independent laboratories, producing the largest, one-day snapshot of conditions in Windermere.

The Big Windermere Survey has completed four rounds of surveys representing a full year’s worth of data spanning the four seasons.

A report detailing results will be published later this year.